For night time riding and in low visibility the front white LED and rear red LED lights are switched from the handlebar control panel for easy access. 

The 6 speed Shimano gear selector is located on the handle bar for easy selection of up and down shifting. The 6-speed gear selector incorporates a gear-selected indicator giving a quick reference for the rider. 

With the higher power 48 volt Li ion battery driving the 500 watt motor and pedaling the Shimano gears you need to be able to stop.  We have dual pad disc brakes front and rear matching the breaking performance with delivered power.

Why should I buy a FBS Pedal Assist FatBike

Ding Ding you also have a bell.  

The FatBikeShop Electric Fat Bike is powered by a 300 or 500 watt pedal assist rear hub electric motor this is the same drive wheel as the peddles drive, offering better traction than front wheel drive models. The more you pedal the more power the intelligent controller delivers to the motor. 

The FatBikeShop Electric pedal assist FatBike is powered by a lightweight high speed brushless 500w 8FUN rear hub motor. The intelligent pedal assistant system PAS has 5 assist mode settings and a brushless intelligent controller. We incorporate a 48V,10Ah Li-ion battery using SAMSUNG cells with a 4-6 hour recharge time. Riding on the FBS FatBike's 26” x 4” wide tires and peddling via SHIMANO gearing the FBS Electric Fat Bike can travel up to 75 km on a single charge. Night-time illumination with a front & rear LED lights.

You have an On/Off button and a capacity indicator on the handle bar control panel. For additional security we supply an On/Off key on the battery pack.

For battery power and range we chose the 48 volt 10 Ah Li-ion Samsung battery pack, with its great performance and long life the battery pack can be removed and recharged in 4 – 6 hours.

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Unlike fixed speed offers the FBS offer 6 speed SHIMANO gears allowing riders to select the best gear to suit their pedal assist motion. Changing down on steep climb or changing up for a down hill incline will help you maintain a constant pedal effort.