FBS 26" Carbon Frame only      $TBA NZD inc

Carbon Fork only        $TBA NZD inc
Carbon Rim only        $TBA NZD inc


Powerway M74 Hub, Pilliar Spokes    $TBA NZD inc


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FBS Carbon FatBike Frame Forks and Rims

FatBikeShop FBS 26" Carbon FatBike Frame Forks and Rims

Model:                 FBS 26 Carbon 
Wheel Size:         26"
Drive:                  TBA Shimano Components
Frame:                Carbon integrated head tube
Fork:                   Carbon with integrated ahead stem
Chain Wheel:      TBA 

Stem:                  TBA

Seat post:           TBA
BB Set:               TBA
Saddle:               TBA
Pedal:                 TBA
Tyre:                   26” x 4.7” max 
Rim:                    Carbon
Front Derailleur: Shimano TBA
Rear Derailleur:  Shimano TBA
Shifter:                Shimano TBA
Brake:                 Disc brake front and rear
Max Load:          120kgs

24 Month Warranty